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Shigeo Shingo: Unscripted Video of Dr. Shingo Consulting (Volume 1)

Product Description
First of only three videos of Dr. Shigeo Shingo to be released.
Accompany the world’s greatest consultant as he analyzes manufacturing processes in 1990 at an AT&T Facility. This is the only documented footage that shows Dr. Shingo on the shop floor addressing quality and defects in his customary straightforward and often humorous manner. We have enhanced the raw VHS footage to provide the clearest image and sound as possible and added subtitles to reinforce key points.

Some of the topics covered by Dr. Shingo include:

  • Mistake Proofing, Poka Yoke
  • Goal of Zero Defects
  • Fundamentals of Automation, Jidoka
  • The final chapter features a Question & Answer session with Dr. Shingo

In cooperation with Norman Bodek, Enna is proud to present the first of three exclusive videos that highlight the methods used by the inventor of the Scientific Thinking Mechanism. The STM is a powerful tool that Dr. Shingo invented to teach people how to manage creativity to produce solutions that work. The insights gained from these videos will fuel your internal drive to champion Lean Manufacturing.

About the Author
Dr. Shigeo Shingo along with Frederick Taylor, Henry Ford and Taiichi Ohno are probably the four greatest manufacturing minds in the last 100 years. Dr. Shingo was born in 1909 in Saga City, Japan, graduated from Saga Technical High School and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Yamanashi Technical College and received an honorary doctorate degree from Utah State University. He taught over 3000 Toyota engineers in the principles stated in his recently published book in English Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking — The Scientific Thinking Mechanism.


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Shigeo Shingo: Unscripted Video of Dr. Shingo Consulting

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