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5S DVD's

5S Into Action Industrial 5S Video 5S-5 Challenges DVD
5S Into Action Industrial 5S Video
5S-5 Challenges DVD

Concisely explains each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. This is the best professional video of 5S on the market. Explains "why" it is done and "how" to achieve results. Fully explaining the benefits of 5S to employees. Detailed examples of each stage of 5S. More Details....

Nearly every company on the lean journey has taken its first steps into the process by way of "5S", otherwise know as Workplace Organization. The practice derives its name from five Japanese words, each representing one of five steps. More Details....

5S for Healthcare DVD 5S Garage DVD
5S for Healthcare DVD
5S Garage DVD

Filmed with the participation of a number of healthcare organizations, the 5S for Healthcare DVD outlines the benefits of implementing the 5S system, defines the 5S's, and shows the 5S's in action. See firsthand before and after examples in healthcare settings. More Details....

In a setting that should be familiar to everyone, the typical household garage, the audience is taken through each step of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain by Paul Schmid, Lean Facilitator and creator of 5S Garage. Along the way, the 8 wastes are identified and removed using the 5S process. More Details....

5S For The Workplace - Full Version - English 5S Factory Makeover
5S Video DVD
5S Factory Makeover

This 5S Series is a very informative and engaging 41 minute long video series. Produced to ensure the key concepts of 5S are communicated, this video takes the audience through each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. In each of the 5 stages we take the time to explain how you can improve or implement that stage in your workplace using real life examples. More Detail....

Is a sloppy, unorganized factory making you non-competitive? For many companies, developing an environment of continuous improvement begins with a general factory/shop floor clean up. More Detail....

5S Workplace Productivity Video Training Course  
Xtreme Lean 5S Video

5S Workplace Productivity (Lean Manufacturing) - 9 Module Video Training Course. In the 5S Workplace Productivity Course you and your entire organization will learn exactly what 5S is, where it originated from, and why it's far more than a housekeeping initiative. And most importantly, you will learn, step by step, how to start or possibly enhance your own corporate wide 5S program. More Detail....


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