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5S Wall Shadow boards

Tool Outline Vinyl Brady Nonabrasive Shadow Board Tool Marking Tape
Tool Outline Vinyl
Standard Tool Shadow Board
Quickly and easily create your own tool outlines for shadow boarding with our custom Tool Outline Vinyl. Shadow boarding is an effective way to communicate the proper locations for tools and other often misplaced workplace items. More Details....

Quick and easy method to designate a specific location for each item in your workplace. Simply TRACE, CUT and PLACE. Applications: tool cabinets, glass, metal, concrete, plastic, peg boards, desktops, dry erase boards. B-7569 is a thermal transfer printable flexible vinyl film coated with a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. More Details....

Tool Shadow Sticker Set Shadow Board Tape
Tool Shadow Sticker Set
Shadow Board Tape
Assorted Vinyl Tool Shadows. Perfect for Tool Shadow Boards. Easily identify when a tool is not in its proper place. Just peel and stick! Each set contains the most popular tool shadows. More Details....

The use of shadow tape sheets for tools provides a standard to tool and workplace management. All your 5S, Lean, and Six Sigma workshops should incorporate proper tool placement as well as tool management. More Details....

Pegboard Loc Metal Pegboard
Loc Metal Pegboard
DuraBoard™ is a Polypropylene pegboard with 3 times greater holding power over traditional pegboard. Durable, weather resistant and washable. No cracking or breaking under normal use. More Details....

Heavy-Duty, load rated steel pegboards with square holes that offer the ultimate in tool storage confidence and holding strength. More Details....

Wall Mount Swing Panels  
Wall Mount Swing Panels
Heavy-duty, double-sided wall-mount system is ideal for fitting a large amount of tool storage into a fraction of the space normally required. Each professional tool cart is a secure, convenient and productive way to transport tools, small parts and equipment virtually anywhere within a plant or service environment. More Details....

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